• Annu Kumar Malik

    close Chief Engineer – Construction

    Annu joined Dakshana as a Civil Engineer in 2014. Now he works as Chief Engineer – Construction and he is responsible for planning, executing, and maintaining the Dakshana Valley expansion plan from 2021-2027 to host 2600 scholars and 300 staff at the Dakshana Valley campus. It includes the overall development of 6.5 lakh sq. ft. of built-up space. [READ MORE]

    Annu has delivered many projects for Dakshana since 2014. Annu’s work includes building CTM Hall that accommodates 360 scholars at Dakshana CoE at JNV Bengaluru Urban. He has also built the Taraben J Mehta Girls Hostel, the boys’ hostel, and the R. G. Manudhane Excellence Hall at Dakshana Valley.Annu is an alumnus of Dakshana from the very first batch at JNV Bundi. Annu is a civil engineering graduate from NIT Kurukshetra, Haryana.Annu has an explicit interest in financial planning and investing focused on Indian markets (inspired by Dakshana founder – Mohnish Pabrai). Playing badminton is one of his hobbies. He also likes to participate in discussions and track global macroeconomic events.

  • Nishikant Kadam

    close Program Director - Outreach & Partnerships

    Nishikant Kadam is a Dakshana Alum from the 2009 JEE batch at JNV Pune. Among his educational qualifications, Nishikant has a B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Operations Management to his credit. [READ MORE]

    Nishikant brings with him an illustrious experience that includes working with MNCs such as Bridgestone, Cummins, GEP and two valuable years with Dakshana before pursuing his MBA. His previous roles include product development, sector and business analysis, CSR & Alumni Engagement. Nishikant has been active, since his college days, in Dakshana activities through the Dakshana Alumni Network (DAAN). Nishikant now handles Outreach and Partnerships at Dakshana.
    Nishikant loves to read books of numerous genres such as business, psychology, economy, investing, novels etc. He also enjoys trekking and travelling.

  • Ravi Ranjan Pandey

    close Program Director - Academics

    Ravi Ranjan Pandey was a Dakshana Scholar at JNV Ranchi, Jharkhand from 2007-2009. He acquired his B.Tech. degree in Computer Science Engineering, from University of Lucknow (Class of 2014). [READ MORE]

    Ravi started his career with Dakshana as a Program Co-ordinator at JNV Pune. He was promoted as Dakshana Fellow in April 2015 to monitor Academics at CoEs from Dakshana HQ, Pune.  His role involved visiting all the CoEs and conducting motivation sessions for the scholars.

    In 2016, Ravi was transferred to the CTM Hall at JNV Bangalore Urban to manage Dakshana’s largest batch in the 2-year program. This batch of 299 scholars produced an excellent result, not only at JEE Mains & Advanced but at many other competitions like NDA, NEST, ISI and other state engineering entrance examinations.

    Ravi is the Program Director – Academics and looks after the Academics program at Dakshana. Ravi enjoys Yoga and spiritual reading. He has also delivered lectures on Scientific Spirituality at DSVV, Haridwar.

  • Ruturaj Patil

    close Program Director - Administration

    Ruturaj Patil handles all administrative functions at Dakshana Headquarters including infrastructure expansion, dealing with the local authorities and land formalities. [READ MORE]

    This young lad hails from Karad, Maharashtra and is a Computer Science engineer from Shivaji University, Maharashtra. He also holds an MBA in I.T. from Pune University.
    Ruturaj spent a year in Sales & Marketing at HDFC Bank before joining Dakshana. He enjoys reading and is an avid trekker.

  • Vishal Kumar

    close Senior Dakshana Fellow - Academics

    Vishal is a Dakshana alumni and was a Dakshana scholar in the Class of 2013 at JNV Bangalore Urban. [READ MORE]

    He graduated with a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from NITK Surathkal. Vishal has worked with Rao IIT Academy as Maths faculty for a short period, before returning to work with Dakshana. At Dakshana, he co-ordinates with all the JNV COEs, is involved in handling internal exams as well as the Management Information System (MIS). Vishal is passionate about dancing and is a great dancer. He also loves to travel and watch movies.


  • Nice Arbab

    close Dakshana Fellow - Academics

    Nice Arbab is an Academic Coordinator at CTM Hall in CoE JNV Bangalore Urban. He has recently joined Dakshana in the position of Dakshana Fellow in January 2022. He manages the largest batch in Dakshana's two-year JEE program at Bengaluru. He also manages the CoE at JNV Bangalore Rural for girls to prepare for NEET. [READ MORE]

    Nice is a Dakshana alumnus. He was a Dakshana Scholar at CoE JNV Kottayam in the JEE 2013-2015 batch. He has completed his B. Tech degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from NIT Srinagar.Nice is passionate about his work and always welcomes new initiatives and challenging problems. He is an avid reader and enjoys reading various disciplines of philosophy, psychology, and sociology. He loves to write about mentoring and guidance. Also, he likes to travel and explore. He is also interested to learn about the history and culture of India.

  • Satyadeep Jha

    close Dakshana Fellow - Selections

    Satyadeep Jha was a Dakshana Scholar at JNV Bundi, in the 2014-16 JEE batch. He completed his B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from IIT-BHU, Varanasi and joined Dakshana in 2020 after graduation. [READ MORE]

    He is a workaholic and an enthusiastic addition to the Dakshana family, who passionately solves problems by going into the depth of the problem and following it till the very end. Satyadeep has been an active DAAN member and has always contributed in activities related to Dakshana during his college. He has been an active member of the DAAN Council and has held important offices of President and Vice President. Satyadeep, is currently actively involved in Academics Management at Dakshana. Satyadeep aspires to join the Civil Services. His helping nature has made him a favourite among scholars at such a level that whenever someone is in need, the first name that comes to the mind is Satyadeep Jha. His hobby is writing poetry in Hindi.

  • Vaibhav Kumar

    close Dakshana Fellow - Outreach

    Vaibhav joined Dakshana to drive the outreach efforts to reach students at government schools across India. His work at Dakshana includes liaison and coordination with state governments across India.  [READ MORE]

    Vaibhav Kumar was a Dakshana Scholar from Dakshana Valley 2016 JEE batch. He has completed his B. Tech in Civil Engineering from NIT Silchar in 2020. He has worked as a planning engineer for Shapoorji Pallonji Construction Limited for one year before returning to the Dakshana Valley to work with Dakshana.Vaibhav has a keen interest in literature and poetry and loves to do the same.

  • Vikrant Nandanwar

    close Senior Dakshana Fellow - Student Affairs & Academics

    Vikrant Nandanwar is an alumnus of JNV Jabalpur and JEC Jabalpur. He has M. Tech in Industrial Design from MANIT Bhopal and holds AIR 29 in GATE 2015. [READ MORE]

    Vikrant started his career in Manufacturing and Production Research, after working a few years in the research field he switched his career to educational institutes. Vikrant became part of Dakshana in October 2022. He enjoys playing outdoor sports and exploring ancient science and technologies.

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