• Aashish Sharma

    close Faculty- Mathematics

    Aashish Sharma is an alum of Dakshana Foundation, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Panchkula Haryana and IIT Indore. [READ MORE]

    He was a Dakshana scholar at the JNV Bundi COE between 2014-16 and graduated from IIT Indore with a B.Tech. degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2016. Aashish joined Dakshana as a JEE faculty for Mathematics.

    He loves to travel and watch movies. He was a KVPY scholar (SB stream) in 2015. Even during his JEE preparation days, he used to love to solve doubts of fellow students and that is probably where he recognised his passion for teaching.

  • Amit Kumar Dwivedi

    close Dakshana JEE Faculty - Mathematics

    Amit Kumar Dwivedi is an alumnus of Dakshana Foundation, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Kanpur Nagar and B.I.T. Mesra. [READ MORE]

    He joined Dakshana Foundation as a scholar and graduated from B.I.T. Mesra Ranchi with a B.Tech. degree in E&C in 2014. He was interested in teaching since school days and decided to join Dakshana Foundation as an IIT JEE Mathematics faculty in 2014. He has also worked briefly at VMC Noida and FIITJEE Kanpur as Assistant Professor in Mathematics.

    He lives at Dakshana Valley with his wife and his son.

  • Arvind Gupta

    close Dakshana JEE Faculty - Chemistry

    Arvind Gupta dreamt of becoming a Chemistry Faculty at Dakshana even while he was a scholar preparing for the JEE at JNV Bangalore Urban. [READ MORE]

    He secured 100% marks in Chemistry and 43rd rank in the state at JEE Mains. He went on to  graduate with B.Tech. in Chemical Science and Technology from IIT Guwahati in 2017. After graduation, Arvind worked as a Trainee Faculty cum Academic Officer for Super 30 at Sivasagar, Dibrugarh and Guwahati. Arvind belongs to Deoria in UP and loves to swim and cook when he is not teaching

  • Ashish Kumar

    close Faculty - Chemistry

    Ashish Kumar joined Dakshana as a Chemistry Faculty in June 2019. [READ MORE]

    He was a Dakshana scholar (JNV Lucknow 2012-14). He completed his B.Tech in IT from NIT Raipur. Ashish wished to serve the society and he felt Dakshana provided the best opportunity to do that. So, he decided to come back to Dakshana and start enabling other bright and brilliant scholars. He loves to play cricket and badminton. Ashish also loves discussions on social issues and would love to find ways to eradicate them.

  • Ashish Rajput

    close Mathematics Faculty- JNV Rangareddy

    When it comes to numbers Ashish is the man to go to at Dakshana! Having spent 4 years in the JEE coaching industry, Ashish joined Dakshana as a faculty for Mathematics in 2018. [READ MORE]

    He is an MTech. In Mining Engineering from NIT Rourkela and loves to play Table Tennis. He enjoys teaching Dakshana Scholars because of their fire and determination.

  • Deepak Arya

    close Faculty- Chemistry

    Deepak Arya is a Dakshana alum from the Dakshana COE at JNV Bundi. [READ MORE]

    He went on to study at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore and fulfilled his passion of studying basic sciences from India’s finest science institute.

    Deepak completed his B.S. (2019) and Master’s in Materials Science and Engineering (2020). Not finding PhD as his cup of tea and inspired by his professor, he opted for teaching science and joined Dakshana as a Chemistry Faculty in 2021.

    Deepak enjoys learning interesting stories behind science experiments that he teaches in the class. ‘If you can’t be alchemist, you better be a chemist’ is his favourite joke.

    He plays football and spends time with existentialist philosophers often.

  • Devendra Kumar

    close Dakshana JEE Faculty- Physics

    Devendra Kumar is a Faculty for Physics for the Dakshana JEE batch at JNV Rangareddy (Hyderabad). [READ MORE]

    Since graduating with a B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kanpur 4 years ago, Devendra has been mentoring top batches at various locations in India and has charted out individual strategies for each of his students so that they succeed.  Devendra likes to thoroughly make his students acquainted with the finest questions possible for Physics while preparing for IIT JEE.

  • Dheeraj Baranwal

    close Faculty- Physics

    Dheeraj Baranwal, an alumnus of IIT Delhi, joined Dakshana as Physics Faculty in June 2019. After two summer internships during college days, he realised that corporate jobs are not meant for him. [READ MORE]

    He says that teaching gives him immense pleasure, so he chose this field. The best part about teaching at Dakshana is that students are pretty laborious and focused so taking classes here never feel dull. According to him, Physics is not a subject, it is common sense and we can see and observe everything of Physics in our daily life. Half of the Physics revolves around falling of an apple.
    He says that teaching is one of the most satisfying job ever. It doesn’t feel like a job and its blessing when you get to do what you love!

  • Dinesh Godara

    close Dakshana JEE Faculty - Mathematics

    Dinesh Godara is a Faculty of Mathematics at Dakshana. He is a Dakshana alum from JNV Bundi. [READ MORE]

    Dinesh says his experience as a student at JNV was very unique as his teachers were supportive and the atmosphere encouraged learning. He passed out from the JNV in 2009 and joined IIT Kanpur.  Dinesh is an avid Volleyball player. Having represented his IIT at inter-university level, Dinesh thinks outdoor sports that involve a bigger team are challenging in a good way as they encourage team building and teach people the importance of working together as a group. He tries to apply his learning from sports in his work and believes that as long as everybody’s goals are aligned, you can achieve anything as a team. Dinesh has also worked at the Dakshana Valley earlier and says that was the most peaceful work experience he has ever had. About his current job, he thinks teaching students at JNV is rewarding because the students are genuinely interested in learning and it’s not just just a one-way street. The enthusiasm of the students is what drives him to teach.

  • Lovekush Upadhyay

    close Biology Faculty- JNV Silvassa

    If you thought philosophy and biology is not a possible combination, think again. Here is Lovekush Upadhyay who loves both the subjects with equal zeal. [READ MORE]

    Fortunately Lovekush decided to follow Biology professionally and hence he is a Faculty of Biology at Dakshana. He joined Dakshana after completing his M.Sc., BEd., DNHE and gathering 6 year experience in teaching. Lovekush is absolutely happy to be in a Dakshana classroom and to be a part of Dakshana’s pure mission.

  • Manish Kumar Sevta

    close Faculty - Physics

    Manish Kumar Sevta joined Dakshana's Centre of Excellence at JNV Bangalore as a Physics faculty in April 2019. [READ MORE]

    He has graduated with a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Kurukshetra. Manish has more than 4 years of experience in mentoring students for JEE Mains and Advanced. He was associated with FIITJEE at their Delhi and Durgapur centre from 2015 to 2018. After that, he served as an Academic Head at VMC Jaipur. His hobbies are swimming, going for long drives & listening to music.

  • Pradeep Singh

    close Dakshana JEE Faculty - Physics

    Pradeep Singh is an alumnus of Gobind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology (Pantnagar University) where he graduated with B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering. [READ MORE]

    Though he qualified at IIT-JEE with AIR 2358, he could not attend IIT because of some personal reasons. He started teaching as a freelancer while he was at college. After graduation in 2007, he started the Foundations Institute, Haldwani, Uttarakhand. He is proficient is teaching Physics, Chemistry & Math and has produced outstanding results that include JEE AIR 216, AIEEE State ranks 1, 6, 16, 19 and 22 in the first year itself. Driven by his desire to teach in Kota, Pradeep joined Bansal Classes in 2011 as Physics faculty. He has also been a faculty at Gurukul Trust for four years (2012-2016). In April 2016, Mr.  Pradeep joined Dakshana Foundation as a senior Physics faculty and is currently HOD – Academics at Dakshana Foundation, Pune.

    He lives at Dakshana Valley with his wife and his son.

  • Prasanna Kumar

    close Dakshana JEE Faculty - Physics

    Prasanna joined Dakshana as a Physics Faculty in June 2019 after spending 2 years in coaching at the Avanti Learning Centre. [READ MORE]

    He is a Dakshana Alum who studied at JNV Varanasi and JNV Bangalore Urban. During his time at Dakshana as a student, he got inspired by one of Mohnish Sir’s stories about mangoes and decided to join Dakshana after his graduation. He says, ‘The moral of the popular story shared by Mohnish Sir was that, Dakshana is not just an institution, it’s a vision and even if the people running it retire, the foundation should keep running, there shouldn’t be a stop to doing Infinite good.’ Prasanna decided that the baton had been passed to him and it was his responsibility to carry it forward and support the scholars through teaching at Dakshana. He believes that if you observe carefully, you would find Physics in everything around you. His drive to understand the subject in depth is what makes him a great teacher. He thinks, ‘a great teacher is not just someone who has passed on a lot of wisdom but has gained more wisdom’.

  • Prashant Shekhar

    close Dakshana JEE Faculty - Mathematics

    Prashant completed his B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from NIT Agartala and is now teaching Mathematics to scholars at the Dakshana CTM Hall in JNV Bangalore Urban. [READ MORE]

    He has previously work with Resonance Eduventures Ltd. as full time Mathematics faculty at Mumbai and Nashik. As Mathematics faculty, he has successfully completed the entire course of JEE Mains and Advanced, conducting 5 batches per week for 3 academic years. Prashant loves to constantly upgrade his knowledge and apply his technical and management skills while teaching.


  • Prashant Singh

    close Dakshana JEE Faculty - Chemistry

    Prashant has been teaching Chemistry at JNV Silvassa since June 2019. [READ MORE]

    Prashant, who has been a JNV student, believes that he can see his own self among his students and that is what motivates him. He has always been a teacher as he started teaching from the time he was in the second year of B.Tech. at NIT Jaipur. He used to coach students who were preparing for JEE. He believes that he was a born teacher and Dakshana gave him a platform to further explore his talent. Prashant’s motto in life is ‘If you do what you love, you never work a day in your life!’ and that’s why Prashant only feels refreshed after a whole day’s work. As a teacher he wishes there were no days off as he misses interacting and teaching students on holidays. He says his favourite part about teaching at Dakshana is that the students are talented and hard-working which aligns with his passion for teaching. Prashant is confident that together they can make a difference.

  • Raghvendra Dixit

    close Dakshana JEE Faculty - Chemistry

    Raghvendra Dixit joined Dakshana in July 2019 as a Chemistry Faculty. [READ MORE]

    He teaches Dakshana scholars at JNV Pune and Dakshana Valley. Raghvendra started his career in teaching at Dhule, Maharashtra and has coached students in Jaipur, Kanpur and Bangalore duringr his teaching experience of 9 years. Raghvendra has a Masters degree in Chemistry and has completed his MPhil too. He originally did not like Chemistry as a subject and after his first year had decided to drop it for the next year. But he decided to change the teacher instead and fell in love with Chemistry. Not only did he start understanding the subject completely but he was able to start teaching it to kids too. He too aspires to be the teacher who would make his students fall in love with the subject.

  • Rahul Kumar

    close Faculty Chemistry

    There is just a minor difference in where Rahul is in the Dakshana classroom now. [READ MORE]

     In 2014, Rahul was a student in the Dakshana classroom and in 2020 he is a faculty in the same classroom. And that’s an amazing change in position! Rahul Kumar graduated from the NIT Surathkal in 2019 with a B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering. He came back to Dakshana with a mission to serve on the mission of alleviating poverty through education. Rahul was a member of the first Faculty Training Program at Dakshana held between 2019-20. He is very passionate about teaching Chemistry and dedicates this interest to his Chemistry teacher Dr E.B.S. at Bangalore who inspired him to follow teaching as a career. Rahul quotes his Professor who always said, “life is just like Chemistry. we need to have dynamic equilibrium, better understanding of thermodynamics of life, that made the subject interesting”.

  • Sandhya Rahangdale


    Sandhya is a Dakshana Alum who came back to teach at Dakshana after completing her B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Goa. [READ MORE]

    Sandhya likes teaching and was always the teacher who taught her friends during group studies. She loves Physics as it was always very easy for her to understand and be able to relate to. It is no wonder then that Sandhya secured 1st rank in the National Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE).

    Even though Sandhya is a social person and has been an organizer of several cultural events like ‘Singing Competitions’ and ‘Marathons’ in her college, she likes quiet and being away from the chaos of the city. She enjoys living at Dakshana Valley and says it helps her with being productive at Dakshana. For Sandhya, mornings are the best time of the day as it gives her the time to be with her own thoughts.

  • Surendra Kumar

    close Faculty - Physics

    Surendra Kumar is enthusiastic and passionate with high proficiency in Physics and a fine sense of humor. His utmost goal is to impart knowledge and create best rankers among his students. [READ MORE]

    Surendra has an ability to arouse interest in Physics by relating the topic to real life events. His technique is not just teaching but allowing students to be an integral part of the teaching & that definitely stimulates interest and makes learning easy.
    Surendra completed his schooling from JNV Barmer, Rajasthan and graduated from IIT Dhanbad. He had the opportunity to work with Maharatna (PSU) after graduation, but he chose teaching. He has worked with Rao IIT Academy at Mumbai & Dadra Nagar Haveli and as a freelancer in content creation for Vedantu, AskIIT & a few Delhi based publishers. He now teaches Physics to Dakshana scholars at the COEs at JNV Pune, JNV Silvassa & at Dakshana Valley, Pune.
    Surendra’s interests are in reading newspapers and listening to soft Hindi instrumental songs.

  • Surya Prakash


    Suryaprakash teaches Chemistry at the Dakshana Valley. He believes that everything has a little ‘chemistry’ in it. [READ MORE]

    His and Dakshana Valley’s chemistry has been strong for the past two years. Suryaprakash believes that he was drawn to the subject because of his teacher and if you have the right teacher nobody can escape liking Chemistry. He thinks students become a ‘fan’ of great teachers and he wants to charm his students in the same way. His hobbies include reading books and playing table tennis. Professionally, Surya Prakash has been passionately helping students prepare for the JEE and NEET since the last 8 years. What appeals to him about working with Dakshana is that the atmosphere is a lot like working in a family!

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