• Manish Kumar Sevta

    close HOD of Academics and Physics Faculty - JNV Bangalore Urban

    Manish is the HOD of Academics and Physics Faculty at JNV Bangalore Urban. He has completed his BTech from Nit Kurukshetra in the year 2015. [READ MORE]

    He discovered his interest in learning physics very early in life, which gave him the edge to become an experienced teacher instead of being so young. He has more than 7 years of experience in his field. His previous work includes being an associate professor in FIITJEE and academic head at VMC.

    He joined Dakshana in the year 2019 and ever since, his focus has been to become an educator who can truly understand a student’s need and make physics more fun.
    He has a great love for travelling to new places. A long drive and swimming also refresh him.

  • Aashish Sharma

    close Dakshana Math Faculty - EMRS Bhopal

    Aashish is working at the Centre of Excellence of EMRS Bhopal as the Faculty for Mathematics. He has 3+ years of teaching experience at Dakshana Foundation. [READ MORE]

    Aashish was a Dakshana scholar at JNV Bundi (2014–2016). He did his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Indore. He was also a KVPY scholar. His interest in teaching developed as he helped his batchmates clear their doubts during his studies.

    He likes to use daily life examples and humor in his teaching. He also believes that the first obstacle in students’ studies is shyness and lack of confidence. That is why he encourages his students to be bold and confident in the classroom.

    He likes the ideology, ‘Mathematics is about finding patterns in nature and extending those patterns’. He loves to travel and watch movies.

  • Abhijeet Keshari

    close Dakshana Chemistry Faculty - JNV Pune

    Abhijeet began teaching chemistry at Dakshana in 2022. In JNV JNV Pune, he teaches NEET students. [READ MORE]

    Abhijeet graduated from NIT Raipur in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He discovered that his interest in teaching could be a better professional option to pursue after working as a deputy manager in his primary field. As a result, he began his teaching career in Delhi and has approximately five years of experience.Abhijeet chose chemistry after being motivated by his high school chemistry teacher, who assisted him in clearing the AIEEE through self-study. He enjoys using numerous examples to convey subject and make learning entertaining for students. He loves to spend time with students and makes a cordial relation with them.

  • Ajay Kumar

    close Dakshana Physics Faculty - JNV Bundi

    Ajay is a faculty member at the Dakshana. He has spent more than six years helping countless students get into their dream colleges. [READ MORE]

    Ajay graduated from NIT Kurukshetra with a B.Tech in 2015. His teaching career began with Allen Career Institute. Ajay discovered that Dakshana Scholars are very talented and genuinely interested in learning, so teaching them is an experience full of enthusiasm and lots of fun.Ajay loves to take long walks, travel, and listen to music.

  • Ankush Singla

    close Dakshana Math Faculty - Bangalore Urban

    Ankush Singla joined Dakshana as a mathematics faculty member at COE Bangalore Urban in 2023. He graduated from NIT Kurukshetra. [READ MORE]

    He had been passionate about mathematics since his childhood and developed an interest in teaching during graduation. He enjoys teaching and tries to make students confident in their subjects.

    He is passionate about movies and exploring new places.

  • Anoop Kumar Baranwal

    close Dakshana Physics Faculty - JNV Pune

    Anoop is working at Centre of Excellence at JNV Pune as a physics faculty member. He has 2+ years of teaching experience at Aakash institute. [READ MORE]

    Anoop was a Dakshana scholar at JNV Bengaluru Urban (2011–2013). He did his B.Tech in civil engineering from NITK Surathkal. His interest in teaching developed by clearing the doubts of his batchmates during his studies.Anoop likes the ideology – “Physics is the belief that a simple and consistent description of nature is possible”. He loves to cook and play table tennis in his leisure time.

  • Anubhav Sundaria

    close Dakshana Math Faculty - JNV Bundi

    Anubhav is a mathematics faculty at JNV Bundi center. He has teaching experience of 5 years at Resonance since 2016. [READ MORE]

    Anubhav has graduated from NIT Raipur and post-graduated from NIT Rourkela. He loves mathematics. Teaching being his passion and his interaction with young minds motivated him to enter the coaching industry.He has a record of hattricks in scoring full marks from 10th to 12th standards, and similar performances earlier to that.He really likes being a part of Dakshana, He has high regard for the noble mission and vision that Dakshana incorporates. He teaches smartly and answers the common question of every mathematics student, i.e., “Sir, ye sawal sochte kaise hai?”

  • Arvind Gupta

    close Dakshana Chemistry Faculty - JNV Bengaluru Urban

    Arvind Gupta dreamt of becoming a Chemistry Faculty at Dakshana even while he was a scholar preparing for the JEE at JNV Bangalore Urban. [READ MORE]

    He secured 100% marks in Chemistry and 43rd rank in the state at JEE Mains. He went on to  graduate with B.Tech. in Chemical Science and Technology from IIT Guwahati in 2017. After graduation, Arvind worked as a Trainee Faculty cum Academic Officer for Super 30 at Sivasagar, Dibrugarh and Guwahati. Arvind belongs to Deoria in UP and loves to swim and cook when he is not teaching

  • Banwari Mathuriya

    close Dakshana Biology Faculty - Dakshana Valley

    Banwari is a Biology faculty at Dakshana Valley. He has qualified CSIR NET exam with AIR 26. He has teaching experience of around 8yrs. in various organizations like Resonance, Allen & Aakash Institute. [READ MORE]

    He has mentored hundreds of students to accomplish their dream in -various Medical Colleges He loves playing cricket and listening songs.

  • Dalchand Sain

    close Dakshana Chemistry Faculty - Dakshana Valley

    Dalchand Sain completed Graduation from NIT Jaipur from chemical engineering. [READ MORE]

    He has cracked GATE Exam (Graduation Aptitude test). He has total 7 years experience of teaching chemistry. In this journey as a teacher he was mentor of AIR 84, 94 (JEE Advanced 2022) and AIR 32, 120, 218, 267 (NEET 2022) and taught various KVPY scholars. He has also worked in Resonance Kota, Allen Carreer Institute.
    His hobbies include singing, travelling, and spending time with nature.

  • Manish Kumar Yadav

    close Dakshana Physics Faculty - Dakshana Valley

    Manish is a faculty member in Physics at Dakshana Valley. He loves Physics, so he started his teaching career with campus placement in Resonance, where he completed 6 years of teaching in Kota and Surat. After that, he joined Modi School in Rajkot for a year, and now he is a part of the Dakshana Foundation in Valley. [READ MORE]

    He completed his schooling at JNV Pratapgarh in 2010 and pursued a B.Tech from MNNIT Allahabad in 2015. He has 7 years of experience guiding students for JEE Advanced, NEET, as well as KVPY students. He believes in “Educating for a better tomorrow”.Manish enjoys playing badminton.

  • Md. Saif Farooqui

    close Dakshana Chemistry Faculty - JNV Bundi

    Md. Saif Farooqui is a chemistry faculty member at JNV Bundi. He possesses 11 years’ experience in teaching at various reputed institutes like Aakash Institute, Resonance Edventure Ltd., and Allen Career Institute. [READ MORE]

    He has completed his post-graduation (M.Sc.) in chemistry from MDS University, Ajmer in 2007. He has also cracked the GATE exam two times in 2010 and 2012.He is a renowned visionary, educationist, motivator, and well-known professor of chemistry for IIT-JEE preparation in India. During his years of chemistry teaching, many teaching trends and methodologies have emerged from his approaches towards the subject.

  • Naqueeb Ahmad

    close Dakshana Chemistry Faculty - JNV Pune

    Naqueeb Ahmad dreamt of becoming a Faculty while he was a scholar preparing for the JEE. [READ MORE]

    He used to solve the problems of students and teach even when he was in college. He worked as a doubt solver at career 360 and worked as a Chemistry faculty at EnerJEE Kota.

    He secured 112/120 marks in Chemistry (JEE) and ranked 435.
    He graduated from IIT Delhi in 2021 in Mechanical Engineering.

    Naqueeb belongs to Purnia, Bihar. He is an alumnus of JNV Purnea and Dakshana Foundation- JNV Bundi batch (2014-16).

    He loves sports very much as he was a gold medalist in volleyball in college and national level cricket player. He loves to eat and sleep.

  • Rahish Dinodia

    close Dakshana Physics Faculty - Dakshana Valley

    Rahish joined Dakshana as Physics Faculty in November 2021 at Dakshana Valley. He has been mentoring students for JEE and NEET for more than 6 years before joining Dakshana. [READ MORE]

    He has pursued a B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from NIT Kurukshetra. He started his career in teaching with Resonance at Kota. He has also served at VMC Jaipur as an Academic Head and Physics Faculty Member.Rahish feels that Dakshana Scholars, being from different parts of the country, make his job more interesting. His hobbies are listening to music and swimming.

  • Shashikant

    close Dakshana Math Faculty - Dakshana Valley

    Shashi Kant is a Mathematics faculty at Dakshana Valley. [READ MORE]

    He did his B.Tech in civil engineering from NITK Surathkal. He used to teach JEE students since his college days and he used to enjoy the process and so he thought to pursue his passion. He has also worked with Byju’s.

    He belongs to West Bengal. He is alumnus of JNV Durgapur and Dakshana Foundation – JNV Bangalore urban.

    He loves to play cricket and enjoys watching movies.

  • Shivali Arora

    close Dakshana Biology Faculty - JNV Pune

    Shivali joined Dakshana as a biology faculty member at JNV Pune in 2023. She has completed masters (post graduation) in Biotechnology from Panjab University Chandigarh and also CSIR NET qualifier. [READ MORE]

    She has more than 15 years experience in teaching in various organisations.

    She believe, teaching should be a passion as a good teacher inspires students. And a teacher is capable of dispelling all the clouds of ignorance and gaps in the knowledge book of children and bring all the motivation and excitement as well as lighting the spark of knowledge in them!

  • Shivam Jadon

    close Dakshana Physics Faculty - JNV Bangalore Rural

    Shivam is a faculty member at Dakshana. He has pursued a B.Tech from IIT BHU in Civil Engineering in the 2016-2020 session. During college studies, he did freelance in solving doubts at Topper Technologies and taught IIT JEE aspirants on a YouTube channel that has approx. 2.5 lakh subscribers. [READ MORE]

    From there, he got interested in teaching and, fortunately, got placed at Resonance Kota. Besides teaching, he also loves biking, playing badminton, and listening to music.

  • Tarunjay Kumar Singh

    close Dakshana Chemistry Faculty - Dakshana Valley

    Tarunjay is a chemistry faculty at Dakshana Valley. He has teaching experience of around 10yrs. in various organizations like Resonance, NARAYANA And MOTION KOTA. [READ MORE]

    He loves teaching chemistry as all the chemistry mechanism has real life similarities. He has mentored hundreds of students to accomplish their dream in -various IIT and Medical Colleges He loves playing football and listening songs.”

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