Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ for Non-JNV Schools JDST Applicants

Q: Why should I apply for the Dakshana 1-Year Coaching Scholarship?
A: If you dream of studying at an IIT/AIIMS/Govt. Medical College but you do not have resources to afford
coaching to prepare for JEE/NEET, then you should apply. The Dakshana 1-Year Coaching Scholarship
includes free coaching, free food, and free housing for a year at the Dakshana Campus close to Pune.

Q: Do I have to move to Pune for a year for the Dakshana 1-Year Coaching Scholarship?
A: Yes, you will be living for a year at the Dakshana Valley Campus close to Pune.

Q: How many students are invited every year for the Dakshana 1-Year Coaching Scholarship?
A: Currently 600 students are being invited every year to the Dakshana Valley Campus.

Q: How many Dakshana Scholars succeed in JEE/NEET?
A: Every year, typically, 70% of Dakshana scholars get a seat at IIT, AIIMS or a government medical

Q: Is the Dakshana 1-Year Coaching Scholarship open to both, boys and girls?
A: Yes

Q: For which entrance examinations is coaching provided at Dakshana?
A: Dakshana provides coaching only for Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations of India.

Q: How do I apply for the Dakshana 1-Year Coaching Scholarship?
A: The Joint Dakshana Selection Test (JDST) is conducted every year to select scholars for the
Dakshana 1-Year Coaching Scholarship.

Q: How do I know if I am eligible to apply for the JDST?
A: You are eligible to apply for the JDST 2023, if you are a student in Class 12 (Science), during the year 2022-23, at a government/aided school (You should have appeared in your class XII board exam by May 2023) AND your annual family income is less than INR 2 Lakh. There is no income criteria for PD candidates.

Q: Is it mandatory to be studying in a government school to apply for the JDST?
A: Yes, it is mandatory. However, if an NGO/Trust is sponsoring your education financially and you
fulfil all other criteria, then you are also eligible to apply. You can also apply if your school is fully
government aided.

Q: How to apply for the JDST 2021?
A: Click to apply:

Q: If I have been awarded grades in Class 10, then how do I know my percentage?
A: Grade points can be converted into percentage by multiplying 9.50. Please refer below table:

Scenario   Grade in Math Grade in Science Average Percentage
Case 1: A1 (10)  B1 (8) (10+8)/2 X 9.5 = 85.5%
Case 2: B1 (8) B2 (7) (8+7)/2 X 9.5 = 71.25%
Case 3: B2 (7) A2 (9) (7+9)/2 X 9.5 = 76.0%

Q: What is the format of JDST 2023?
A: JDST 2022 will be of 3-hour duration and divided in four parts – Part 1: Logical Reasoning; Part 2:
Mathematics/Biology; Part 3: Physics and Part 4: Chemistry. It will be in Multiple Choice Question
format (Single Option Correct type) with 25 questions in each part.

Q: What is the syllabus of JDST 2023?
A: JDST 2023 will be conducted mainly based on Class 12 syllabus. Full syllabus and video lectures to
prepare for JDST 2023 can be accessed from here:

Q: What is the mode of JDST 2023?
A: JDST 2023 will be conducted online. Students will be required to bring their Android phone (Version
8 or above) to the test centre. They can choose to answer the test in either English or Hindi.

Q: Where and when do I need to come to take the JDST?
A: JDST 2023 will be conducted at designated locations in your state. Exact
date of the JDST will be informed by mid-January.

Q: Is there any other process besides the JDST for selection?
A: After you qualify by merit at the JDST 2023, your documents will be verified by Dakshana
management before a final selection is made and the scholarship is granted.

Q: If I am selected, when will the coaching commence?
A: Selection results will be declared by the time, students would have completed their Class 12.
Selected students will be invited to Dakshana Valley on July 1, 2023 (tentatively) to start their
preparation for JEE/NEET 2023.

Q: Does the student have to pay anything to appear for the JDST or for the scholarship?
A: No. The student / the school / the government pay absolutely NOTHING to appear for the JDST and
for the Scholarship. All costs are borne by Dakshana.

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