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Vivek Kumar Shaw

JNV North 24 Parganas
I'd like to become a Dakshana scholar and hopefully attend IIT
Dakshana Roll no.-176121572
Name-Vivek kumar shaw
I'd like to become a dakshana scholar and hopefully attend medical because I want to fullfill my dream that only i got the chance and thats ok,.(never) sir firstly i want to solve my family problems because i faced a lot of problems .I know only.I had given Dakshana Entrance exam in class tenth also but i did noyt get the chance at that time i was very sad but some days board exam i heard about it that you are started a new programme . I felt quit relax . Now i am a Dakshanist. For what i came here , i will do ,it will be my potential who enlight my self. I know i am not so intelligent but also know .For success hard work,it is just like a mantra to us .I know it is responsibility to stand on your expectation.Sir,one day i also be like sir Monish Pabrai,but for this i know to self sufficient ,new maintained,kind hearted and more richer .
Then,i can help other.
Thing i noticed in news that India produce most intelligent scientist ,doctors,engineers but maximum acreenevent used to get by our elder brother and elder sister but in other country. It is my main question ? for the enhancement of our country?s technology i have to contribute and also made other to contribute. Thank you sir
Coaching Location: Dakshana Valley
Batch: JEE 2017
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