Kajol Kumari | May 28, 2021

Uday Kumar

JNV Sheohar
I'd like to become a Dakshana scholar and hopefully attend IIT

I’d like to become a DAkshana CSolar and hopefully attend Engineering? Medical college because I want to become a good engineer. Dakshana Foundation is one of the best places to prepare for JEE. To study in the Dakshana foundation became my dream after the day when I heard about the Dakshana Foundation. To study for JEE and being a part of JNV Scholar is greatly fortunate for me and I am glad that our India has such a non governmental organisation who wants to upraise the talented and economically poor students. Dakshana is the most suitable and favourable place in this whole world to prepare for engineering because the environment access which we come to is marvellous. I am personally the most fortunate one who gets the chance to be a Dakshana Scholar and to do something for the society which would be beneficial for all the people. I belong to such a place. The source of education is rarely available. I want to give a miraculous height to that place in terms of educational resources. Being an engineer, I will serve my country in the best possible way and try to establish or set an example for others so that others will come forward and the country will grow prosperously. In today’s world the country is facing many problems like corruption, starvation and flood etc. Hence, we will come forward because we children are the future of the country and will show the world that we are not lagging behind. We will lead the world in days to come.
Hence Dakshana is such a platform from where ant students can touch the pinnacle of the world and can set an example for others. Therefore, Hartley I am very much thankful to Dakshana for accepting me as a Dakshana Scholar.
Note: This is an exact reproduction of the essay sent to us.

Coaching Location: JNV Bengaluru Urban
Batch: JEE 2020
Graduation College: IIT Guwahati
Stream: Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering
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