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Shristi Singh

JNV Surajpur (Sarguja), Chhattisgarh
I'd like to become a Dakshana scholar and hopefully attend IIT
Dakshana roll no. :19107260210
By Srishti Singh
I would like to be a dakshana scholar and hopefully attend engineering college because this is a place in which I beleive that i, will make me a worthy citizen of this country . I am sure that if i 'll get admission in dakshana I will surely fulfil my parents dream . Though this is 100% sure that i will become an engineer and then i can make our background suitable and secure and then my patents will be proud of me and that day i will be the best day for me . When i was in 6th class my elder brother also gave this exam but unfortunately he couldn't qualify and from that day my parents dreamed that if our daughter got admission in jnv she will also get golden chance into give that exam . and from that time i stard dreaming of dakshana it was likee the onlu thing for me. Dakshana means a lot for me even i can'express. I had searched about dakshana for several times but i am not yet bored of it makes me feel happy and i feel very nice when i remember about dakshana , Mohnish sir for me he is like a God .. "God" sounds like i am foolish but not for me for all those children who had made their dream come true through dakshana. Dakshana T-shirt also seems like a dream that i will get a chance to wear this . Dakshana is working harder than the students &for no reason no greediness only for students who have the potential but mo opportunity. I am still very happy to see the dakshana team here in my exam halland i am getting more curious about dakshana . If iwill be able to clear the exam i will definitely work hard for my parents , my family dakshana and everyone who helped mefor every small thing and i will also help the ike Mohnish sir i will work hard for them also and definitely i will clear the exam i will be very sad but yet this journey will not d like this . i will work hard and fulfil my dreams and my parents dream.
Coaching Location: JNV Rangareddy
Batch: JEE 2019
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