Kajol Kumari | May 19, 2020

Saurabh Kumar

JNV Nawada, Bihar
I'd like to become a Dakshana scholar and hopefully attend IIT

Q1. Introduce your family to us?..My father’s name is Late Mahendra Chaudhary .He was a farmer but due to jaundice he is no more with us.We are total five members in family.My mother’s name is kaushalya Devi.She is a cook in government school.Instead of my parents i have a elder brother who is a student and studying in government colledge.My two sisters are also in their respective laws house .
Q2. Why should you be awarded the Dakshana Scholarship ……………..Firstly i want to be an Engineer after that i’ll prepare for IPS officer.I think dakshana is a good platform for me which can bright my future .Its a golden opportunity for me and i think i can! .Since my family’s economical condition is not good ,they can’t be able to provide better education like for JEE/IIT.Really its a precious chance for me .i’ll always try to give my best here .
Q3. What is your ambition in life ……………..My ambition in life is to see myself as an IPS officer but after iit. After that i’ll do something for my socity,for my country. I have also a another ambition to end the corruption in my society first and after that in whole india.
Q4. How would you like to contribute to the society and the world when you become a successful ……………..After become an IPS officer or successful person i will contribute my income or support the poor family to rise up means i will serve for country like Mahnish ‘sir’ .I will try to minimize the poverty level of our country by serving /contributing .I will open a school for students who belong to poor family like dakshana but not for iit/medical.
Q5. Describe an incident in your life that has motivated/inspired you to do better ……………..This type of incident is not happened till now but a motivator motivated me to do something better in life .
Q6. Tell us about your interests and hobbies ……………..My intrest is to study physics (all type of physics book and solve their numerical )and knowing about world .I have also intrest in playing cricket

Coaching Location: JNV Kottayam
Batch: JEE 2021
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