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Rishbh Tripathi

JNV Faizabad
I'd like to become a Dakshana scholar and hopefully attend IIT
By Dakshana I attend or qualify top class IIT which I can?t occurred by any other institute and my target is achieving AIR-1 and I understand that by Dakshana I achieve it and there are some financial problem also faced by parents I understand that when I become Dakshana scholar than a type of inspiration also developed in our mind as I also occurred IR-1 IIT which I can?t achieve by other. In Dakshana top class teacher give lot of time with us and give us lot of knowledge another reason of attending Dakshana is because I want to show all people of India as what is the power of dakshana scholar and Navodayans. When I shall get IR-1 then every person of this country also know about Dakshana and JNV student. Then all person and student who always think that if I want to qualify IIT then I join Kota they think that we join Dakshana and owning IIT. I hate Kota, when I in 8th standard in JNV then many students of my senior who join Dakshana and qualified IIT give me advice about Dakshana and then I make my target to become Dakshana scholar and in that time I am filled with joy because I became Dakshana scholar by qualifying IIT I also maintain our family condition and reached him at stage where they found all facility. And in my JNV Faizabad every student want to oin Dakshana foundation and they also make lot of hard work for becoming Dakshana scholar. By Dakshana foundation I will complete my aim IR-1 IIT In Dakshana we found many facility which can never be provided by any other private institute my main target is to beat the record of Mr. Ashoka T. AIR-63 who is best performer of Dakshana foundation and when I own AIR-1 then every one know Dakshana and try to join Dakshana foundation. And I know that if any student oin Dakshana foundation and do hard work then he also will get good rank in IIT. And many reason behind it so I join Dakshana foundation and joining Dakshana foundation and become Dakshana scholar in my JNV Faizabad there will be lot of curiosity in every people for joining Dakshana foundation and getting good ranks in IIT. I also see Mr. Ashoka in Dakshana poster which is present in my JNV school given by Dakshana foundation. I always found inspiration by seeing that poster and when I join Dakshana then I understand I beat record of Ashoka T. And become top ranker of Dakshana foundation.

Coaching Location:JNV BENGALURU (U)
Coaching Institute: Gravity
Coaching Location: JNV Bengaluru Urban
Batch: JEE 2018
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