Kajol Kumari | May 11, 2020

Rajendra Mehra

JNV Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
I'd like to become a Dakshana scholar and hopefully attend IIT

Q1. Introduce your family to us?..My father is a farmer i have family of 18 members in which all members are lived in village. my father, uncle, big father all are farmer. my mother, aunt. big mother and grandmother are housewife. I have 8 cousins in which 4 brother and 4 sisters. and a big sister
Q2. Why should you be awarded the Dakshana Scholarship ……………..I would be awarded the dakshana scholarship because my family is not able to provide higher education and better place to study. as i am a good students means good in studies. so i will do big in my future with the help of Dakshana scholarship.
Q3. What is your ambition in life ……………..My ambition in life is to became a great software engineer. and to give new direction of development to my village.
Q4. How would you like to contribute to the society and the world when you become a successful ……………..I have decided to make my village full of tree. it means that when i would became successful in my life then i would use 10% of my salary to grow plant and flowers in surrounding of my village and i would make my village green and piece of heaven and healthy
Q5. Describe an incident in your life that has motivated/inspired you to do better ……………..When i was celebrating my summer vacation of 7th class. one day in a afternoon I saw my father working in field that incidence was very tremendous for me then i decided to do better in my studies and help my father means i will avoid work of my father in field in burning noon
Q6. Tell us about your interests and hobbies ……………..I have great interest in reading newspaper and talking about special news of newspaper. my hobby is to play cricket and sing song in silent place

Coaching Location: JNV Bundi
Batch: JEE 2021
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