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Raj Muang

JNV East Siang
I'd like to become a Dakshana scholar and hopefully attend IIT
I'd like to become a Dakshana scholar and hopefully attend IIT because it was my first aim. From young age i thought of going to IIT and become an engineer. I heard many stories about IIT students from my seniors, teachers etc. So I thought I would like to go to other countries and learn many things from them. Then after completing I would like to serve my country.
After educating or graduating from IIT and earning some amount firstly i would like to make my parents and all members related to me feel happy . i would serve them as per as i could and after I would serve my community and after country.
From the beginning when I thought about IIT I was sure I would get into IIT any how. So I think my dream is going to be is real. By the grace of God, find by the help of this Dakshana Foundation. I am here I would get into IIT because I have reached up to this level.
Lastly I would like to thanks the Dakshana Foundation for conducting such a program. My parent school that is JNV Pasighat for creating me to be able to reach this level and all the teachers. I hope this will lead me to my aim.

From JNV East Siang, Arunachal Pradesh.
Coaching Location: JNV Ranga Reddy, Telangana. (IIT-JEE 2012-14).

Yr of expected graduation: 2019

Note: This is an exact reproduction of the essay sent to us.

Coaching Location: JNV Rangareddy
Batch: JEE 2014
Graduation College: Jawaharlal Nehru College
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