Kajol Kumari | October 16, 2018

Raghavendra R Rogi

I'd like to become a Dakshana scholar and hopefully attend IIT

I would like to become a Dakshana scholar and hopefully attend engineering college because i want to become an Engineeer and want to reach my goal through becoming an engineer. After becoming an engineer , i want to develop my own village because still it is in the bad condition . so in order to make our country as develped country. i want to share my small hand by developing our own village. i am from very poor family and i knew the critical conditions of the rural people who are now facing so many problems like water scarcity, poor transport facility , lack of electricity etc. My first aim is to become a graduated responsible citizen in the society. i want fulfill my parent’s dreams. i want to serve our country India as much as possible because Dakshana Foundation has given me a opportunity to study for the coaching of JEE exams without money. so it is my duty to return it through becoming an reputed person helping the Indian government. Really i m very lucky to become a Dakshana scholar because if i have to take the coaching for the JEE exams as given by the Dakshana Foundation , i have to pay lakhs together. But Dakshana Foundation has selected me as a Dakshana scholar. So i want to give something to the society , to the state, to our country. i will try as much as possible to crack the JEE exams and want to enter the Indian Institute of technology for my further studies. Every one will not get chance to become a Dakshana scholar. But i have got it. then it is my duty to accept all the hurdles as challenges and reach my goal by studying in iit. i am very much thankfull to the management committee of the Dakshana foundation for giving opporunities to the poor background students and helping them to come up in the society with good name.

Note: This is an exact reproduction of the essay sent to us.

Coaching Location: Dakshana Valley
Batch: JEE 2019
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