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Manaswini Mishra

JNV Kandhamal
I'd like to become a Dakshana scholar and hopefully attend IIT
I'd like to become a Dakshana Scholar and hopefully attend IIT because it is my goal, that I have to achieve. IIT is a tough Entrance exam for me and to achieve it coaching is needed. Though I belong to a middle class family, my parents could not afford to send me to an institution where this coaching is provided and in our family girls are not given with proper study facilities. So, I am very very very thankful to God & all the members of Dakshana Foundation that they have selected me as a Dakshana Scholar. It is not a golden, but a diamond chance for me. I belong to ?General? category which has no reservation in IIT, so I have to do extremely better in that. And I promise, I will show my capability to all my family members and bring proud for my family as a girl. Former I was unknown about what IIT is, but it was a strong desire of mine to become an IITian, and Dakshana Foundation helps me to fulfil my dream now. Dakshana Foundation is giving totally 2 years coaching with 100% coaching fees and books, it is sufficient for a scholar student to succeed in IIT who does hardwork. Hardwork is the most important thing required for qualifying IIT. Secondly an environment for reading is useful which I have already got because of Dakshana Foundation. I feel proud as a Dakshana Scholar by getting such facilities. I have to go very?very?hard work. Unless & until I do hardwork my dream can not be fulfilled. I heard that many students from the Dakshana Foundation are qualifying in IIT. If they can, then why can?t I? Dakshana Foundation is really a foundation where the new IITians can be founded. So, we should not waste those facilities given by Dakshana. It is wasting lots & lots of money for us. So we have to utilise that properly & wisely. I thought that if I will be an IITian then, in the future I will join as a Dakshana member and tell the new generations about the greatfulness of Dakshana Foundation. Really it is a golden opportunity for the poor & scholar students like us to become a Dakshana scholar. My elder brother is also a great source of inspiration for me to appear IIT. At last I want to say that it?s only Daksha for which I am at here and in future I will be in any other region that I don?t know. Really it gave me lot. I have to give it proud. Thanks Dakshana Foundation and all the members of it.

From JNV Kandhamal, Odisha.
Coaching Location: JNV Pune, Maharashtra. (IIT-JEE 2011-13).

Current Institute: Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology Sambalpur, Odisha
Stream: Civil Engineering
Year of Expected Graduation: 2017

Note: This is an exact reproduction of the essay sent to us.
Coaching Location: JNV Pune
Batch: JEE 2013
Graduation College: Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology
Stream: Civil Engineering
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