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Lusku Besra

JNV East Singhbhum
I'd like to become a Dakshana scholar and hopefully attend IIT
I'd like to become a Dakshana Scholar and hopefully attend IIT because I was not much successful in the past and I do not believe that I cannot be successful in the future. In real life the past does not equals the future, it is my confidence which says such.

It?s my great desire to do something admirable I want to become an engineer. It is ambition of my life. Even I am an average student I dream to be part of IIT, the most prestigious institute for engineering in India. In my thoughts the most powerful thing in the universe is ?human?s willpower? if one deciedes to commit himself to his goal and take action in a strategic and careful manner, surely he will achieve his goal. I believe that I can get into IIT. I understand that success at IIT is independent of success in school.

But the most important thing for a student is ?Guru?. That is reason ?Guru? is most valuable creative. I believes that need of ?Guru? will be fulfill by Dakshana Foundation. So, I would like to join dakshana ? because
? It fulfill my need of Guru and good reference materials for cracking the IIT-JEE examination
? In fact, it helps me tremendously. It taught me the techniques required for success at IIT-JEE exam.
? It would be helpful for me to motivate myself
? It helps me program my brain for optional performance.
? Give me plenty of hotshot ideas on how to sail through the IIT-JEE Examination
? Dakshana actually help me visualize and crystallize my success and share with me
? Top secret study and test taking tricks.
It is my fortune that I am Dakshana scholar even than if I will be not ed at last of two month (May-June) in screening test. But my confidence says that I will be surely success in screening test and become an accepted scholar at Dakshana.
Thanks ? ?Dakshana Foundation? best wishes?

From JNV East Singhbhum, Bihar.
Coaching location: JNV Ranchi, Jharkhand. (IIT-JEE 2008-10).

Graduated from: IIT Kharagpur
Stream: Mechanical Engineering
Placed at: Coal India Limited
Designation: Managment Trainee

Note: This is the exact reproduction of the essay sent to us.
Coaching Location: JNV Ranchi
Batch: JEE 2010
Graduation College: IIT Kharagpur
Stream: Mechanical Engineering
Company Name: Coal India Limited
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