Admin | June 23, 2018

Joy Das

Jnv Cachar, Assam
I'd like to become a Dakshana scholar and hopefully attend IIT 

because I want to crack IIT with a great rank break all records reach my goal of becoming the richest man in the world very quickly. I have faith in myself and after joining dakshana, it has changed my life. Now I have a backup and I am not a useless fellow now I am a human resource an asset to the society. The money that would be spent on me by the Indian government and dakshana foundation won’t go waste and each and every single penny would be utilised and I promise to myself that I would be the one Indian boy who wold develop India and lead India to the top position. India would be one day the most powerful nation in the earth. It will dominate every country in every field and I promise even if I die my spirit’ll fulfil my dream. I will be serving the Indian society and none of its citizen would be poor, no slums, no malnutrition, no suicides, no rapes, no murder in all no crimes. India will have ample job opportunities and it would be the richest of all countries. Every big MNCs like Microsoft and facebook would be under Indians. Today I am 18 and my results are very poor I have wasted almost 8 months but now I am not going to further continue this practice. I need IIT seat and want to study and score 10 CGP in every semester then get a good job earning about 1 crore per year by hook and crook. Then by the time I would be 28 I will be earning some 5 to 6 crores per year and then by my hard work and passion it would increase much much then by the time I would be 35 I will be the richest Indian and by the time I will start completely dedicating myself to Indias welfare. It might seem to be like a joke but it is truth. Fame and money would be with me and there would be many dakshana funds serving for many purposes after Pabrai Sir I would give free teaching and I would create India as our former president sir APJ Abdul Kalam wanted but it would require a little more time India at 2030.

Note: This is an exact reproduction of the essay sent to us.

Coaching Location: JNV Bengaluru Urban
Batch: JEE 2018
Graduation College: MNIT Jaipur
Stream: Architecture
Scholar Form