Kajol Kumari | May 19, 2020

Bukhya RajPal

JNV Nizamabad, Telangana
I'd like to become a Dakshana scholar and hopefully attend IIT

Q1. Introduce your family to us?..My father’s name is BUKYA SITHARAM basically he is a hardworking farmer
My mother name is BUKYA SHEELA she does the daily domestic chores and also engages in farming in helping my dad
My brother name is BUKYA THIRUPATHI he is still studying
Q2. Why should you be awarded the Dakshana Scholarship ……………..I should be awarded with the dakshana scholarship because i had my complete faith in my hard work and I believe that i will bring a good name to my vidhyalaya and to the dakshana institution and to my parents & the society
Q3. What is your ambition in life ……………..My ambition in my life is to become an IITian and work in the Google company
Q4. How would you like to contribute to the society and the world when you become a successful ……………..I want to like to contribute to the society by spending my amount of salary in providing a good education for the poor students who wills to study but couldn’t because of financial problems
Q5. Describe an incident in your life that has motivated/inspired you to do better ……………..An incident that inspired me a lot is when my father encouraged me to do well in the studies by giving his lifetime experiences
And the another moment that inspired me was the moment when my brother thought me riding bicycle
Q6. Tell us about your interests and hobbies ……………..My interest is doing hardwork to achieve good marks and reading books

Coaching Location: JNV Kottayam
Batch: JEE 2021
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