Payal VIg | October 22, 2018

Ayushi Jain

I'd like to become a Dakshana Scholar and hopefully attend Medical college

I wouid like adakshana scholar and and hopefully attend medical college because i want to be a doctor and i found that dakshana foundation is the best route to achieve my goal. ilistend about dakshana faculty and i was also amazed to se the result acquired by students.the environment which dakshana provides to us is totally study focused and also bery calm and peace ful and not suffocating.
i know i can fulfill all my dreams with the help of wonderful faculties along with my full efforts in dakshana campus and one of the most iportant thing is that being a dakshana scholar i feel very proud on myself to be a good daughter because my selection in dakshana exam gave a lot of pleasure to my parents and also they feel proud on me.
In dakshana campus i found it is very safe from every point of view so my parents can be tension free .
dakshana realised me my hidden potentials .
These are all the reasons because of which i choose dakshana as my career guide and i want to be a dakshana scholar
Medical bathch 2018-19

Coaching Location: Dakshana Valley
Batch: NEET 2019
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