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Amol Vaman Jadhav

JNV Osmanabad
I'd like to become a Dakshana scholar and hopefully attend IIT
I'd like to become a Dakshana Scholar and hopefully attend IIT because since from my childhood, I want to become an IIT engineer. At that time, in my childhood, I don?t know ? what is meant by IIT? Only had aim ? to become an IIT engineer. But, now I know that ? without help of Dakshana Foundation, it is not possible for me to become an IIT engineer. Because, my family is very poor. My father is a farmer. Also, my mother is a house-wife. Both, my father and mother are uneducated. They can?t provide me ? a good coaching for IIT. So, I want to become a Dakshana Scholar.

I would like to hopefully attend IIT because, I have talent. So, I want to make use of talent. Also, I am a hard-working student. I have confidence that I can do hard-work to crack IIT exam on the basis of my talent.

I thought that ? Dakshana Foundation is god-gifted and golden chance for me, and students like me whose economical condition is not very good. I thought that in countryside of India, lot of talented people are there. But, they can?t approach to this level only due to-their poor economical conditions.

I know that- if once I become an IIT-engineer. I will live my life on high level and I will try to do something for my family, for my village, country and so on. Confidently, I will try to help those students ? who will have talent, but not a good economical condition. I have lot of proud about Dakshana Foundation ? who give coaching for poor students. I have confidence that I will become a ?Dakshana Scholar? and fulfil my dreams and do something for my country. So, thank you Dakshana Foundation.

From JNV Osmanabad, Maharashtra.
Coaching Location: JNV Pune, Maharastra. (IIT-JEE 2008-10).

Graduated from: IIT Roorkee, Uttarakhand
Stream: Electrical Engineering
Placed at: CitiCorp Services India Limited

Note: This is the exact reproduction of the essay sent to us.

Coaching Location: JNV Pune
Batch: JEE 2010
Graduation College: IIT Roorkee
Stream: Electrical Engineering
Company Name: CitiCorp Services India Limited
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