Kajol Kumari | January 21, 2019


Jnv Hardoi
I'd like to become a Dakshana Scholar and hopefully attend Medical college

Dakshana provides world class facility and quality education to poor students. The way I?m a poor boy whose family can?t afford the economic burden of my study, Dakshana is not less than a dream fulfilling machine for me. I had heard from my senior Dakshana scholar that Dakshana means success and succees means Dakshana. Therefore I was very excited to be a part of Dakshana Family since my 6th class. I also checked the IIT and medical results of Dakshana on internet and I found it really outstanding and chartbuster. I belong to rural area where the people are poor enough and even can?t buy the books for quality education. Being a dakshana scholar is proudful enough for me. My parents really expect from me to be a good boy along with being good in studies. I am really thankful to Mr. Mohnish Pabrai sir who contributed a lot for making me an excellent student with a prestigious tag of Dakshana scholar. If I would become a successful person in my life then the credit would must go to Dakshana family and Dakshana faculty. I realise that Dakshana family is the best teaching faculty across the world. My mummy papa sacrifies their life for future so that I want to do something best for my parents as well as my family. I am highly inspired inspired by my mother who faced many ups & down in her life but still she is as strong as she was 20 30 years before. I want to do something for others to whom I have no relation because you can?t imagine the pleasure and happiness you awarded by the nature by helping the needy people. People often say about the power of blessings and I want to be a part of as many positive blessings as I can in my life. My elder sister took too much effort for my education. These are the things I never forget in my life. Lastly I would like to thank whole Dakshana family for choosing me for their mission.

Note: This is an exact reproduction of the essay sent to us.

Coaching Location: Jnv Pune
Batch: NEET 2020
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