Kajol Kumari | February 27, 2020

Aditya Kumar Pandey

JNV Krishna, Andhra Pradesh
I'd like to become a Dakshana Scholar and hopefully attend Medical college

Q1. Introduce your family to us?..My father is an agricultural labour. My mother is a nurse. My brother is studying intermediate.My uncle is also an agricultural labour.
Q2. Why should you be awarded the Dakshana Scholarship ……………..I Want to become a doctor and setup a hospital for the poor.Being from a poor background I know the problems faced by the poor people so i want to be a doctor and to give free medical facility to the poor
If i was not selected then i would join a small college as i could not afford the premier coaching and will try hard to become a doctor.
Q3. What is your ambition in life ……………..my ambition in life to become a doctor.i wanted to set up a free hospital for the poor teach the private hospitals that medical service is not a business.
Q4. How would you like to contribute to the society and the world when you become a successful ……………..I want to provide free medical facility to the the poor and backword classes. I will try to be a trained doctor .and save the lives and not let rhe people die just because of small health issues and lack of money.
Q5. Describe an incident in your life that has motivated/inspired you to do better ……………..When I was in 7th standard , I read an inciden. a small child died because of dangue. If she was admitted in hospital she would have been alive now .
This incident motivated me a lot to become a doctor and save the people for free.
Q6. Tell us about your interests and hobbies ……………..my hobbies are reading encyclopedia, general knowledge etc. Visiting old age home near my village and spend time with them.

Coaching Location: JNV Pune
Batch: NEET 2021
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