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Aditya Kumar

JNV Dholpur, Rajasthan
I'd like to become a Dakshana Scholar and hopefully attend Medical college
I had like to become Dakshana and hopefully attend medical college because???? parents and teachers and my society hoped me that ADITYA cracked AIIMS/NEET entrance exam in medical science. I like Dakshana because this is the helpful system for poor talented students .Dakshana provide all facilities and give help to poor students which have not proper way for fied the examination . I choose Dakshana because I want to do something for my country, for my parents, for my teachers, for my Dakshana . but I have no way and money for this . but now Dakshana doing for me so, I do for all country .
When I hearing about Dakshana I feel that Dakshana better way for provide a direction to our carrier, not only carrier our life also because Dakshana gives a high level education. and I would like to aspect of all of these. I know if I do something extra with a better way which provide by Dakshana. I do any if Dakshana courage me and help me.
The first law of newton say that if a object in rest it is want lies remain when a external is not applied . it means I was in rest ?if Dakshana force me I come in motion and remain motion till I achieve my goal .
Once I was ten year.a person living near our house.he have talent to making poem on any person. But he was poor . it is amazing that any person discuss with him he used poem on the place of word but he was poor so, he did not going to a better carier .one day villagers are grouped and meeting in all villagers the head of village decide that all people help them they have talent to do something . a person kabir said to head ,,,,,,sir a named Prakash is amazing person because he used poem like word on the place of word ,but sir he was poor so, all people decide that all people collect some rupees for him and courage him. After he start to write poem and helped by the people. One day his book of poem was published and after some time he become a good poet and a rich person. So, by this I want to say Dakshana provide us a platform to show our talent after that we become a public citizen to provide or serve our talent along with our peoples.
When I show my surrounding, I found that we have many talents in high level but some financial, social, and cultural problems create and we become hopeless and unconfident. But Dakshana like institutes serves some kindly service or facilities to talented students they become a high personality. A little help of Dakshana make a better and big change in a person.
It is not giving me only education, it gives me my life. I have no words saying about Dakshana but I say that it is a diamond like Kohinoor only its glitterness provide a very big changes. It is very most important thing which treat a student as good variety improvement. Not only I but all peoples are thinking that Dakshana is give direction towards to a better career. It gives a great opportunity to poor and talented students. It gives a dawn of talents in our country and mostly about that it is no take any price for best ever of students. It is like a person who help a person who was injured in storm and gives serve in bad condition and after the recovery of injured person. Said that it is no price for your treatment but it thought that he give very big service which is really big and better than money.
I liked Dakshana, I liking Dakshana and I will like Dakshana till all life.
Coaching Location: JNV Pune
Batch: NEET 2019
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