Dear Scholars,

Greetings from Dakshana!

Hope you are safe and healthy. As you are aware, due to COVID 19, the start of the Dakshana 1-year Scholarship Program at Dakshana Valley has been delayed till further directives from the government.

Thank you for connecting with us on the Document Verification Meeting. We have pleasure in informing you that you have been selected provisionally for the Dakshana 1-year Scholarship Program. There is a possibility that due to Government norms of social distancing, we may be able to only invite a selected number of scholars to our campus for live coaching. Hence this year we will be running the Dakshana 1-year Scholarship Program (2020-2021) in a combination of live and online mode. The final selection of who will be invited for live coaching to the Dakshana Valley and who will continue to be a part of the online program will depend on various factors. More about that later!

So, to begin with we welcome you to the online version of the Dakshana 1-year Scholarship Program. The online program will help you get started on the preparation for JEE/NEET 2021 and also get us connected to each other.

The steps to be followed are:

  1. Download the Telegram App from Google Playstore.

  2. Click on this (For Medical: For Enggineering: to join the Dakshana Group on Telegram. The link will only work if you have Telegram installed in your mobile.

  3. A link to download the mobile application ‘Dakshana’ will be shared over the Telegram group. You can log in with your Dakshana Roll Number & password: dakshana123

  4. Subscribe to the Dakshana e-Classroom on YouTube ( Click on the Subscribe button on the right side of your screen. The subscription to this channel is free. A lot of videos are uploaded on this channel. These videos have been organised on the the Dakshana app in the order that you need to watch them. Please DO NOT WATCH videos directly from YouTube as it could be confusing and overwhelming for you.

  5. The lecture schedule for the week will be posted in the Dakshana Telegram* group every Saturday.

  6. What you will need to do on a regular basis:

    • Watch video lecture daily on the Dakshana app, as per the schedule.
    • Take a quiz of 5-10 questions after each video lecture. Clearing this quiz is essential to  allow you to watch the next video lecture on the following day.
    • Solve daily homework.
    • Attend the weekly doubt discussion that will be scheduled over Zoom App** (Meeting ID & password will be shared in the weekly schedule).

Requirement for attending the Online 1-year Dakshana Scholarship Program: 

  • An Android smart phone/Tablet of screen size not less than 5 inch. A tablet with an 8-inch screen gives a better user-experience.
  • Storage: A minimum of 1 GB RAM with 4 GB ROM is required.
  • Internet connectivity: A minimum of 3G connectivity having 1 GB data per day is essential to watch all the videos & attempt the quiz.
  • Applications to be installed:
    • Dakshana Mobile App
    • Telegram
    • Zoom

(If your device has 1GB RAM, we request you to remove any other apps installed on the device. The three apps you will need for the Dakshana program will not work to full efficiency on your device with other apps.)

*Telegram: A mobile application (similar to WhatsApp) to be downloaded from Google Playstore.

** Zoom: Zoom is a video-conferencing app that will be used by faculty to interact with you for doubt discussions.

Imp. note: As explained earlier, there is a possibility that due to Government norms of social distancing, we may be able to only invite a selected number of scholars to our campus for live coaching. Your chance of being invited to the Dakshana Valley depends on your regular attendance in the online lectures, solving assignments, participating in doubt discussions and your overall performance. So stay on course with the online program and we hope to see you soon!

 For help in joining the group please contact: +91. 80805.47634 (09 AM to 05 PM)

Wishing you all the best!


Warm regards
Sharmila Pai
Chief Operating Officer
Dakshana India Educational Trust Fund

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