June 10, 2020

Rahul Kumar

 In 2014, Rahul was a student in the Dakshana classroom and in 2020 he is a faculty in the same classroom. And that’s an amazing change in position! Rahul Kumar graduated from the NIT Surathkal in 2019 with a B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering. He came back to Dakshana with a mission to serve on the mission of alleviating poverty through education. Rahul was a member of the first Faculty Training Program at Dakshana held between 2019-20. He is very passionate about teaching Chemistry and dedicates this interest to his Chemistry teacher Dr E.B.S. at Bangalore who inspired him to follow teaching as a career. Rahul quotes his Professor who always said, “life is just like Chemistry. we need to have dynamic equilibrium, better understanding of thermodynamics of life, that made the subject interesting”.