March 24, 2020

Prasanna Kumar

He is a Dakshana Alum who studied at JNV Varanasi and JNV Bangalore Urban. During his time at Dakshana as a student, he got inspired by one of Mohnish Sir’s stories about mangoes and decided to join Dakshana after his graduation. He says, ‘The moral of the popular story shared by Mohnish Sir was that, Dakshana is not just an institution, it’s a vision and even if the people running it retire, the foundation should keep running, there shouldn’t be a stop to doing Infinite good.’ Prasanna decided that the baton had been passed to him and it was his responsibility to carry it forward and support the scholars through teaching at Dakshana. He believes that if you observe carefully, you would find Physics in everything around you. His drive to understand the subject in depth is what makes him a great teacher. He thinks, ‘a great teacher is not just someone who has passed on a lot of wisdom but has gained more wisdom’.