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Mopi Doye

JNV East Siang
I'd like to become a Dakshana scholar and hopefully attend IIT
I'd like to become a Dakshana Scholar and hopefully attend IIT because as a matter of fact I have never ever hear of IIT. It was only after I had heard of Dakshana that I heard of IIT. Well, now I want to attend IIT because I got into Dakshana. Actually, my mother always wanted me to be a medical student. So I thought all along, that it was destination to be a doctor. But getting into Dakshana has been a total turning point in my life. Now all I can think about is to be an IAS officer. Getting into IIT means a lot for me right now. I know it is a lot of hard work, not to mention all the pleasure I?ll have to abandon. But I am ready for it. I?m prepared to give all I have just to get into IIT. My family is not an easy-going sort of family. In order to bring me from Arunachal to Hyderabad, they had to spend thousands of rupees. I know what it meant for them. Making my way into IIT is the only way I can show how much grateful I am. Whenever I feel discouraged or de-motivated I?ll remember my mom and dad?s face and I know I get started all over again. I want to show them that their efforts have not been in vain. And I pretty sure I can achieve this with the blessing of almighty god.

From JNV East Siang, Arunachal Pradesh.
Coaching Location: JNV Ranga Reddy, Telangana. (IIT-JEE 2012-14).

Yr of expected graduation: 2019

Note: This is an exact reproduction of the essay sent to us.

Coaching Location: JNV Rangareddy
Batch: JEE 2014
Graduation College: IIIT Trichy
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