July 8, 2022

New Initiatives at Dakshana

Hello Everyone! Welcome to CEO Notes. I shared my thoughts regarding vision and challenges for Dakshana in earlier notes. I would like to share new initiatives, partnerships, process re-engineering and infrastructure development at Dakshana to deal with those challenges.

Communication skills and leadership development.Soft skills development has always been an area of concern for Dakshana scholars. While scholars are high on IQ, they have struggled in written and verbal communication skills in the past. Ron Mehta, well-wisher and a big fan of Dakshana has been extremely generous to sponsor 100 scholars from Dakshana Valley and COEs to undergo four weeks communication and FLY (Finding the leader in You) program at IIT Gandhinagar. FLY is developed by Competitive Mindset Institute (CMI), Communication and confidence building skills by Fair Observer, and Critical Thinking Skills by Maker Bhavan Foundation. Hundred scholars from Dakshana Valley, Bangalore (Urban) and Hyderabad have been selected to undergo the program from 01 Sep 22. This is a pilot project to assess the success and impact of the program. Ron Mehta will be happy to sponsor many more scholars in future. I am confident that scholars will be exposed to the best global practices in communication and leadership skills. Heartfelt and sincere thanks to Ron for his generous and path breaking initiative.

Free B.Tech (Computer Science) by Sitare Foundation.Getting an admit to B.Tech (Computer Science) at IITs is a holy grail. Top 100 rankers in JEE are admitted in computer science. Amit Singhal, founder of Sitare Foundation, is trying to bridge this gap through Sitare university at Indore. Sitare will commence pilot project for underprivileged and selected scholars. Four-year B.Tech (Computer science) program will be at ZERO cost to selected candidates. Students will be selected based on JEE Mains score and economic criteria. Amit Singhal is planning to visit Dakshana valley and Bangalore to share details of the program to students. During my informal interaction, scholars are excited to explore and consider the option in sincere earnest. This program can hammer the ever-growing global demand for IT professional. Above all, Sitare has promised stellar placements to scholars in companies of repute and global brand. Dakshana and Sitare will jointly work to transform the lives of beneficiaries. This should forever end the poverty for those students who are not able to crack computer science.

R.G. MANUDHANE Hall:Dakshana valley is gearing up to train 2600 scholars in next few years. As part of infrastructure development, RGM Excellence lecture hall was commissioned in Jan 2022. New classroom has a capacity for 200 scholars.

Girls Hostel at JNV Pune:NVS was extremely kind to approve construction of girl’s hostel at JNV Pune. COE at Pune will have an additional capacity of 132 girls from new academic session in Jun 2023.

Computer Lab.Naming rights for digital lab was awarded to Unites Overseas Bank(UOB). They have sponsored 35 Lakhs for setting up of computer lab at Dakshana Valley. Dakshana Valley will have computer lab for 202 scholars in Aug 2022.

New Partnerships.Dakshana is in advanced stage to develop new partnerships with BARTI and EMRS. This initiative will herald a major boost to those scholars who need our support. We are aspiring to start two-year program for 600 scholars in Maharashtra and Gujarat under the aegis of BARTI and EMRS from this year. Education department at Leh has agreed to extend complete support in selecting scholars for one year program at Dakshana Valley. Honourable Lieutenant Governor (Leh) has showered praise and blessings to Dakshana during our recent interaction. Dakshana is also considering to start two-year program at Leh.

Framework to achieve 100 percent results.It’s always Dil Mange More at Dakshana. After historical record results in 2021, Dakshana is aspiring to achieve 100 percent results. Its both audacious and ridiculous challenge to the academic team. But hey, challenges are not good enough if they don’t blow your physical and mental boundaries. We are working to reshape revision modules and strategy, organise training program through Scholar Almanac, extensive counselling to underperformers and core focus on academic activity through efficient administration and medical support.

Inhouse Portal Management.Dakshana has created an organisation to maintain and upgrade all portals and IT infra using inhouse resources.

Tree Plantation.Nearly 4000 trees were planted at Dakshana Valley by 14 Trees, an NGO headed by Praveen Bhagwat. He is on a mission to convert barren land to green forest. Soon those trees will provide green cover to valley.